Float Therapy or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T), is widely  even called Sensory Deprivation. Our float tanks are filled with 10 inches of water and dissolved with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate), which allows a person to float effortlessly. The water is kept at skin-temperature, and the room is quiet and completely dark, creating a place for our bodies to be free from gravity and all stimulation from the outside world.

In the modern world, that we are living in can be overwhelming. Many people live at a fast pace and are distracted from technologies that we are surrounded with. It can be stressful, challenging, and pressuring. Floating allows us to disconnect from the world and removes these external distractions. Float  is an effective and modern way to achieve a deep meditation and state of relaxation allowing the mind and body to rest.
Benefits of Floating

Floating is a wonderful tool to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Floating can help:

Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD
Improves blood circulation
Improves athletic performance

Alleviate muscle pain and tension

Promotes relaxation and meditation

Ease joints and reduce inflammation 

Enhances mood and sleep quality

Skin smoothness from absorption of magnesium sulfate minerals

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